Voices from Alumni 

The CUHK HSM has been making continuous efforts in establishing an active alumni network in Hong Kong. Here, we have professors and alumni of different professions from healthcare sectors, which allows latest information and knowledge exchange, friendship building and mentorship guidance among them. It keeps equipping our healthercare leaders with Hong Kong focus and global vision. 

Ms. Moria Lam

Speech Therapist, Tuen Mun Hospital, Hospital Authority

Class of 2017, MScHSM


Pursuing studies in Health Services Management proved to be an incredible reward experience for me. With a team of experienced and dedicated professors and lecturers, I am well inspired and stimulated in the field of healthcare delivery in both academic and practical ways. Group projects and site visits were all fun and useful. Joining studies in Health Services Management programme should be your optimum and effective solution too!

Dr. Vivien Lu

Associate Consultant, Hospital Authority

Class of 2017, MScHSM


Studying CUHK HSM is an exciting and challenging journey. I enjoyed learning from knowledgeable and experienced professors and working with classmates from various background. I was inspired to see things from new levels and different perspectives. It takes hard work but is definitely a rewarding experience.

Dr. Cindy Tam

Psychiatrist, North District Hospital, Hospital Authority

Class of 2017, MScHSM

Expensive course fee

Exhausting homework and assessment

Extensive topics and comprehensive curriculum

Extremely inspirational discussions and sharing

Exciting study tour

Experienced, knowledgeable professors and instructors

Enthusiastic supervision, participation and interaction

Altogether: Excellent and rewarding learning experiences!

Ms. Josie Chan

Registered Nurse, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Hospital Authority

Class of 2016, MScHSM

' The program is comprehensive and well designed.  It aims to equip us with all the knowledge and skills for taking up the leadership role in health care sectors with competence. All the teachers are enthusiastic and prestigious. It is really a valuable and enjoyable learning experience for me in this program. '

Ms. Joy Yip

Hospital Administrator, Hospital Authority

Class of 2016, MScHSM

' It has been a valuable experience in studying the Health Services Management Programme. My knowledge and vision have been enriched with the learning and interactions with dedicated professors and classmates. The two-year part-time training is both academically and practically beneficial.'

Mr. Jack Ng

Optometrist I, Hospital Authority

Class of 2016, PgDHSM


' After working for several years as a frontline optometrist, I decided to take this programme to enhance my management knowledge for personal development. The lecturers of this programme are leaders in healthcare sectors who are very experienced and knowledgeable. The course content was not only inspiring but also highly relevant to my current work. I recommend this programme to anyone who would like to develop a career in health services management.'

Ms. Ashley Yung

Advanced Practice Nurse, Kwong Wah Hospital, Hospital Authority

Class of 2015, MScHSM

' This master course has been a truly interactive and inspirational program.

The curriculum focuses on enriching its students' competency in the health services management sector and is truly a wonderful program that provides broad management perspectives and also the skills necessary to assume effective leadership in public health practices.'

Mr. Timothy Tso

Founder&CEO, Medical Professional Services LTD

Class of 2015, MScHSM

' Being both a healthcare professional and a businessman who provides health services, HSM programme widens my career vision and facilitates my growth further in the field. I learnt to be a "leader" rather than just a "manager" of a company.'

Ms. Cinder Chan

Senior Manager, Quality, Safety & Risk Management, Gleneagles Hong Kong

Class of 2014, MScHSM

' Studying this course does not only enrich my knowledge, but the interactive teaching method enables me to learn a lot of practice experiences from multidisciplinary classmates. It's indeed wonderful to meet talented classmates here.'

Mr. Lawrence Cheung

Senior Manager, Health Services Department, AIA International Limited

Class of 2014, MScHSM

' This master program gave me many opportunities to learn from and be mentored by very talented professionals who specialized in Health Services Management.'

Dr. KY Chan

Consultant, Kwong Wah Hospital, Hospital Authority

Class of 2013, MScHSM


' Demanding yet rewarding, of balanced depth and comprehensiveness, it exposes clinical doctors to a new horizon.'

Ms. Pauline Poon

Senior Physiotherapist, Hospital Authority

Class of 2013, MScHSM

' Be prepared that there is a fairly heavy workload, nevertheless, it's a great experience to meet people coming from different backgrounds and to make new friends, they are there to support you and to make you feel like part of the team.'

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